Air Quality Control

Posted Sunday January 11, 2015

Bet You Didn't Know...

Installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) means that you are bringing healthy air into your home and protecting your family from a host of respiratory illnesses. An HRV also controls excess humidity levels so that you can enjoy an extra measure of comfort along with added protection against moisture build-up and structural damage. Making sure your home is ventilated properly with an HRV is an effective way for you to create a safe and healthy home.

AS WELL, When you install new windows, your home can become sealed so tightly that moisture can build up on the inside. Windows can be dripping with humidity causing damage to your home.

TSL CONSTRUCTION can provide and professionally install all your windows and doors AND supply and install your home with the HRV Unit you need to help make your home not only energy efficient but healthy.

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