How much do blinds cost in Regina?

Posted Thursday January 11, 2018

Cost of Blinds in Regina"How much do blinds cost in Regina?" or "We have no idea how much blinds are- can you just give us a rough quote?" are two of the most common questions we come across when meeting with new clients. After replacing old windows, at the end of a big renovation, or when moving into your new home- the idea of investing into new window coverings can have you apprehensive about cost.

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Our goal at Shademaker Blinds & More is to help our friends, because you are not just clients to us, hand pick a window covering that functions perfectly, is visually pleasing, and fits within their budget. We work with reputable manufacturers that make it possible for us to carry blinds and shades for every budget. From beautiful Hunter Douglas shades and Drapery to economical rollers and faux woods with lifetime warranties. We have something for everyone and we are NOT a franchise. Because we are a locally owned family operated business, we do not pay franchise fees to other countries every month. Our money stays here and is spent here on our family.

Whether you are looking for something simple, contemporary, and economical or stylish, chic, and high-end our Design Consultants are happy to help! Many aspects determine the cost of window coverings including the number of windows to be covered, sizing of the windows, product selected and even colour choice.

Cost of Blinds in ReginaNew Home Specialists suggest using a budget of 10% of your home cost as a reasonable amount to expect to pay for window coverings. When in the planning phases of your new home, talk to your mortgage broker about building an allowance into the final cost of your mortgage. Many clients have found this helpful to ensure they are financially prepared to complete the window coverings when taking possession of their new home. We also recommend consulting your builder directly as many builders have partnered with Shademaker Blinds & More to offer exclusive discount options, guaranteed installation for possession or include a window covering package in their plan upgrades.

Cost of Blinds in Regina