Window Treatments: Complete Home Renovation

Posted Thursday September 17, 2015

Did you know? According to Canadian Statistics, the average person moves every five years! That helps to explain all the mania over TV home improvement shows committed to buying, renovating and flipping properties for a profit. The "How To's," "What Not to Do's," and expert advice on home renovation, preservation and design fill hours of air time with valuable information that is consumed by millions of people on a daily basis.

What is great about Shademaker Blinds in Regina is that our "flipside" is in the home renovation side of the market. This gives us a unique perspective into what a home needs to look like to compete in Regina's housing market. We work with home renovators, home builders, interior design professionals, home décor specialists and many others dedicated to creating the perfect home for Regina's market.

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For a quick sale, Shademaker Blinds continually stresses the need for a modern, updated decor to get top dollar in today's real estate market. Properly staged rooms with contemporary colour schemes, unique design features and less clutter create that "wow factor" to keep potential buyers interested and exploring when they come through the front door.

Shademaker Blinds brings in that "wow factor" with distinctive window treatments we select from our trusted manufacturing partners–Graber Window Fashions for custom drapes, Shade-O-Matic for blinds, and Rowley® for ready-made drapery panels and decorative drapery hardware. For three plus years Shademaker's chic and stylish window coverings have helped transform homes with alluring textures, vibrant colours and timeless elegance that make it easy for a buyer to imagine themselves in the home.

Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades

Transform your windows; transform your home.

Imagine all your rooms with fresh, new colours and patterns from Shademaker Blinds.

Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades

Not planning on moving? Maybe it's time for a little home renovation for your own gratification. For instance, when was the last time you seriously looked at your window treatments?  Have you gotten so used to them that you don't really notice them anymore? Look at the window coverings in any room in your house and imagine:

  • Would an entirely new colour change the feel of the room?
  • Would going from a solid to a pattern liven up things a bit?
  • What about natural woven wood shades for a textured, organic vibe?
  • Have you considered motorizing your shades for ease, convenience and safety?

Shademaker Blinds has unlimited design options for your windows with the best custom blinds, shutters, shades, drapes, decorative drapery hardware and more. New window styling could completely transform your home and inspire you to new decorating heights!

Book your complimentary consultation and get started creating that perfect space just for you!