Why Custom Drapes and not Store Bought?

Posted Friday May 9, 2014

Why do I need custom drapes when I can buy store bought panels? 6 GREAT Reasons!!

A client recently asked me, "I would like draperies for my home. Do I need custom curtains/draperies, or can I go to the Mall to buy curtains?"

I run into this question occasionally, and thought I’d address it here.

It depends on your windows, your design needs and your budget. I’ve seen really pretty draperies at some local department stores. However, have you ever purchased drapery from your local department store only to be confused at why they don’t hang right or why they don’t look as nice as you design magazines? Here’s why...

1. Great Lengths

Frame your windows with drapery that either falls straight down, hovers near a sill, or puddles on the floor. Curtain length is very important since a big visual difference between custom and ready-made is length. A dead give away that the draperies are ready made (store bought) is if they are too short. More than a 1/2″ off of the floor, and curtains look too short. I would rather see 1/8-1/4″ off of the floor, preferably barely touching. But worse than the fact that these curtains are an inch or more off of the floor is that they’re hung too close to the window moulding. You don’t want to hang the rod on or at the moulding, for a custom look. Shademaker Blinds offers complimentary drapery consultations, measures and installation by experienced professionals. Here are two examples of badly hung drapery!

Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades

2. A Full Line of Liners

Your drapes hang more beautifully with the body and substance that liners provide. With custom drapery you can choose from a variety of lining options to protect fabric from outside elements, regulate the light, and insulate your windows. Your Shademaker Design Educator will help with these decisions during your complementary consultation.

Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades

3. Workmanship

Shademaker Artisan Drapery is created with elegant details—double-turned hems, mitered corners, sewn-in liners, and bottom weights to ensure that your drapes hang beautifully.

Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades

4. Selection

Our drapery fabric can take on the structure of a sturdy pleat, the flat profile of a classic tab, the modern look of grommets, or the ruches gathers of rod pockets. Choose from an exclusive collection of sophisticated fabrics, including solids, prints, stripes, jacquards, and sheers. Then add a touch of designer style to your décor with coordinating top treatments or pillows.

Window coverings, blinds, Regina, best, shades

5. Packaging

Each Drapery order comes professionally packaged using only recycled materials to ensure no wrinkles or damage of materials while shipping. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and contains at least 44 % of post-consumer recycled material.

6. Warranty

Shademaker Custom Drapery offers a 5 year Warranty!