Inside vs Outside Mounts for Blinds and Shades

Posted Tuesday January 16, 2018

Inside vs Outside Mounts for Blinds and Shades Inside vs Outside Mounts for Blinds and Shades Shademaker Blinds and More

When purchasing new window coverings, there can be a lot of decisions to make. Do you prefer blinds or shades? Real wood or faux wood? Roller shades or honeycomb shades? Room darkening or light filtering?

Out of all those key choices, one decision that many homeowners forget to consider is whether they want to mount their new window coverings inside their window frames or outside their window frames. Although it may seem like a minor decision, the installation method you choose can have a major impact on the appearance of your windows and your level of satisfaction with your new window coverings.

At Shademaker, we know that choosing between inside mounts vs outside mounts can be a difficult decision for many homeowners, especially if they are accustomed to seeing their window coverings installed in a certain way in the past. But, that’s why we are here!

Let's review all the pros and cons before making an ultimate decision, as certain homes, rooms, and windows may favor inside mounts, while others may favor outside mounts.

Here is list of pros and cons for each installation method:

Inside Mounts

Inside mount refers to blinds and shades that are installed within the borders of a window frame. That means the headrail is attached flush with the top of the window frame and the window covering is fully contained inside the four corners of the frame itself.


Inside mounts provide a sleek, built-in appearance.
If you prefer for your window covering to look as inconspicuous as possible, inside mount installation may be your best option. Blinds and shades that are installed this way have a low-profile appearance and often have less visual impact on the room and its décor due to being recessed into the window frame.

Inside mounts maintain the functionality of deep window sills.
If your window frames have deep window sills, installing your blinds or shades inside your window frames can maintain the functionality of the sills, allowing you to use them as shelves or displays for books, plants, and other decorative items—even when the blinds are closed and fully extended.


Inside mounts block some light and view when fully opened.
The headrail at the top of your window frame will always obscure a small amount of your view of the outdoors, and the effect can be exacerbated when the window coverings are fully opened due to the stacking of materials that occurs. Window coverings that use thick fabrics or materials may block out several inches of your window, even when the blinds or shades are fully raised.

Inside mounts require a certain depth of window frames.
Not all windows are capable of supporting inside mounts. Blinds and shades require a minimum depth for inside mounts, and some windows have shallow window frames that aren’t suitable for inside mounts. It’s vital that you have at least the minimum required space, plus a bit extra on either side of the headrail, to get proper function out of your new window coverings when they are installed inside your window frames. At Shademaker, we professionally measure for you so no need to worry about costly mistakes!

Outside Mounts

Outside mounted window coverings are, as the name suggests, installed anywhere outside of the window frame. Whether they overlap the window frame by just a few centimeters or several inches, outside mounted blinds and shades create a distinct appearance in homes and can radically transform the appearance of windows.


Outside mounts are extremely versatile and can be installed on almost any window.
Do your windows have shallow frames? Do they have an irregular shape that makes it difficult to inside mount traditional window coverings? Do your windows have protruding handles or cranks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, outside mounted window coverings may be ideal for your home. Because they don’t fit inside your window frames, outside mounted blinds and shades afford you with versatility that inside installations can’t match.

Outside mounts can cover unattractive window trim.
Window trim is often hit or miss. It either greatly enhances the beauty and appeal of your windows, or it’s something you would rather not look at every day. If your window trim falls in the latter category, outside mounted window coverings can cover it up completely. Best of all, if the unattractive trim or frame is at the top of your windows, you won’t have to see it even when your blinds or shades are fully opened due to being able to mount the shade well above the window itself.

Outside mounts can make your windows look much bigger.
Inside mounts fit your windows like a glove and always reveal their true size, but outside mounts can easily create the illusion of massive windows. If your home’s windows are on the smaller side but you love the look of big windows, outside mounted blinds and shades that are kept in a closed or semi-closed position can create the appearance of oversized windows.


Outside mounts can make a room look smaller
Outside mounted window coverings can protrude into a space making a room look more confined. This is where a great consultation comes in. If your windows require an outside mounted blind, we can help walk you through all of the best choices in window coverings that will make your room look and feel beautiful!