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Gone are the days of wall to wall sheers hung in thick layers like grandma used to have. Today’s modern window coverings have a sophisticated and unique look that will enhance any room.

Shademaker Blinds is a full service custom window covering business that provides specialized services including a complementary consultation, brand name products, professional measure, and timely delivery and installation by a Shademaker window covering stylist.

Every home has its own design challenges, especially when it comes to windows, and the demand is growing to find window coverings that are both functional and stylish.

"More than ever, window coverings are becoming a statement in the modern home," says Kainz. "Everyone wants to be able to showcase something creative and unique; Shademaker can help you do just that. We have also been window styling in many commercial businesses, including offices, showrooms as well as working with restaurant owners who want to create a totally unique atmosphere. As a window covering stylist and educator, I welcome the opportunity to work on unique projects."

Regina Window Coverings Blinds

Why does Shademaker come to you?

  • Client Convenience. Picking colors for your space is hard, but trying to pick colors in a store and not your home is even harder. Making trips back and forth to the store, taking home samples if you can get them, can be very frustrating. It’s just a long hard way to do it and, let’s face it, everything you look at in a store can be brought to your home where you can see the fabrics in your own space with a window covering professional right there with you. They make the process fun and relaxing!
  • Less Overhead. Having a storefront increases overhead which in turn increases the amount of markup on any product. Shademaker Blinds is a trusted family owned business with very little overhead. There website is very informative and can be considered a personal storefront as it has a gallery, tips, and tons of information at just a click, not costing the customer a thing!

“Every consultation is complementary and is of great value to people who are trying to incorporate window coverings into such an important part of the design process. It can be such a positive experience for both the design consultant and you in the comfort of your own home.”

Contact them today for more information about adding custom window coverings to your home or office.