Simplify your life with Motorized Shades

Posted Wednesday August 9, 2017

The Ultimate Experience in Window Treatments with Smart Home Technology

Simplify your life with Motorized ShadesImagine a world where your window treatments can adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morning, noon and night. Technology has accelerated change in nearly every aspect of life, and most people control their daily routines through their smartphones, iPads or laptops. Recently, different ranges of sophisticated designs and bright colors of window coverings with smart technical controls have become available in the window treatment market.

Andria Kainz of Shademaker Blinds and More has shared with us some helpful information about this latest trend, and how these intelligent shades can simplify your life!

Shades that operate on YOUR schedule

Forget the alarm clock and wake up to natural morning light pouring in through your windows. With motorized window treatments, you can set automatic timers based on temperature, time of day, or even the position of the sun, to automatically open or close your shades. Set the mood with a simple press of a button to create your desired ambiance, and control the operation of multiple window shades at once at the same time from anywhere in your home. You’ll be surprised how much simpler life gets with motorization!


Rush out of your house and forget to close your blinds? With the push of a button, you can control every shade in your home simultaneously. Talk about a total timesaver! And those hard to reach windows? Not a problem anymore. You don’t even have to get off that comfy sofa – just let your shades do the work.

Increased privacy

Motorized shades are a convenient way to ensure privacy in your home. Hit a switch to lower your shades before taking a shower or heading to bed. Choose blackout shades to block the sun, wind or wandering eyes of your neighbours, whether in your home or out on the deck.

Go green

Simplify your life with Motorized ShadesMotorized window treatments are very energy efficient, making them a great way to save on heating and cooling expenses. Leveraging sunlight in the winter is an amazing way to get your heating bill down, and keeping sunlight out in the summer can be very beneficial to your cooling bill.

Increase your home’s value

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, which means installing motorized window treatments will not only help you save on your bills and make your life easier, it will also make your home more valuable when you’re ready to sell.

Protect what’s most precious

Did you know that harmful UV rays can affect you even while indoors, and direct sunlight can cause damage, fading or discoloration to your furniture, fabrics or artwork? Motorized shades allow you to protect you and yours with a simple press of a button. What’s more, there are no cords for pets or curious children to get tangled in with motorization.
Simulate presence

With home automation systems, you can make it look like you’re at home when you’re not by scheduling operation of your window treatments while you’re away. No one will be the wiser that it isn’t you operating those shades, and this is a great way to deter any would-be intruders.

Variety of options

There are many collections and styles of motorized window treatments to choose from, including cellular, roman, dual and solar roller shades, skylight cellular shades and exterior shades. With motorized exterior shades, you can add a touch of class while creating a shaded outdoor area to enjoy, and you no longer have to worry about insects showing up to your dinner party uninvited.

Give Andria a call to get started with your free at-home consultation, and begin enjoying all the benefits of motorized window treatments.